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Winning Hoops "Best of the Best" DVD Series

Series 1, Over 50 Set Plays to Attack Zone Defenses
Series II, Over 70 Baseline and Under-the-Basket Inbounds Plays

Narrated by Michael Podoll,
Managing Editor of Winning Hoops

The editors at Winning Hoops have put together a 2 DVD set that is worth the price and then some. A veritable gold mine for coaches looking for different methods and plays to attack defenses from a half court perspective as well as out of bounds plays. We are talking about nearly 3 and 1/2 hours of nothing but plays to watch. Each DVD costs $39.95. A small price to pay for the wealth of information inside each DVD. You get diagrams and "live" action on the court with players executing each play. Each play is catalogued in the main menu. So, finding a play that you might like is quite easy. Finally, a DVD set up the right way! Quick, easy menu selection and plays that are proven to work. Don't waste any time, order a copy of both videos today!


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I'm not going to waste time describing each play or whether or not each are suitable for what level of play. This review could end up getting really boring really quick. Remember, we're talking about over 120 individual plays to choose from. I am going to tell you that I've watched the video several times and I could utilize many of the plays for recreation ball at the local YMCA, implement a few plays into my travel teams (elementary and high school), or show one of my high school coach friends some very good quick hits plays from the likes of college coaches like the University of Connecticut's Jim Calhoun. I would recommend either DVD without thinking twice. Each play has an introduction and thank you to the contributing coach, followed up with a diagram, and finally the live action sequence. The DVD format makes it easy to stop the action make notes at certain points in the play and then move on. A great feature that will pay dividends for any coach wanting to use these plays. You are not going to get bored watching something you don't want to. The main menu gives each play a number. However, the plays are not divided into actual DVD chapters. So, you have to keep track of what number play you were watching. It would have been nice to either seperate each play into a chapter or actually label each play in the main menu. But, coaches are coaches, we remember everything. My recommendation for you coaches looking for some plays. Make the investment. You won't be sorry.

Order the 2 DVD set for $69.95

About the Publication

Since 1986, Winning Hoops, a six-times-a-year publication, has offered solid coaching skills, fully illustrated plays and drills, tips, techniques and innovative basketball management ideas that successful coaches have immediately put to use in their own programs. Written by some of the very best instructional coaching minds in the game, each subscription includes more than 100 articles and nearly 500 diagrams.

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Lessiter Publications
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Brookfield, WI 53045
Phone: (800) 645-8455 (U.S. Only) (262) 782-4480
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