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2005 Adidas Rookie Sensations, October 15, Vanguard High School
8th and 9th grade Player Sketches from Jim Haley.
Camp MVP: Ethan Roulhac - Mosley (Panama City) 6'3" 2009
This nifty left hander can score inside and out; 3 point range; looks to pass off dribble penetration; good ball handler with size ; has all the offensive and defensive tools.

"Sweet 16" Allstars

  1. Brian Traina - Tampa Jesuit - 5'8" 2009: Voted runner-up MVP; outstanding point guard; good ball handler with great court savvy; hard nose and plays unafraid under pressure; penetration/finisher; has potential to be one of the best guards in the Tigers basketball tradition.
  2. Tony Watson - Palm Beach Gardens - 6'1" 2009: Loads of athleticism; another lefty with long range 3 point shooting; on the ball defense a plus; plays passing lanes on perimeter defense getting several steals; finishes in transition play; better shot selection; court savvy needs to improve.
  3. Brandon Serle - Father Lopez - 6'3" 2010: Thin formed; possesses strong forward fundamentals; likes to defend and plays with desire; makes good decisions.
  4. Michael Highsmith - Seminole (Sanford) - 6'3" 2009: Wing shooter; likes to rebound; has good finish off penetration; athletic slasher; moves well without the ball; high intensity type player; fundamentally sound defender.
  5. Gary Bush - Southridge (Miami)- 6' 2009: Lots of athleticism; will take it to the basket; must learn to play under control; defender; loves to penetrate; "shake and bake" offensive moves; scrappy hustler; needs to improve his shot.
  6. Derrick Brown - University (Orlando) - 6'3" 2009: Athlete with skills; hits offensive boards hard; runs the floor at full speed; intense competition; perimeter player with deceptive handles.
  7. Matt Snowberger - Keystone Heights - 6'8" 2009: Strong and physical inside player; good defensive rebounder with some power; has potential as a post player
  8. Leonardo Deloney - Rickards - 5'10" 2009: Point guard that can direct an offense; strong handle with either hand; good transition skills which fits into his high school program.
  9. Autis Gibson - P.K Yonge - 6' 2009: Outstanding transition type player; very athletic; good perimeter passer and defender; ultra quick slasher
  10. Taula Kolamatangi - Osceola (Kissimmee) - 6'6" 2009: Nice post up moves; has "baby hook" in his offensive arsenal and knows how to use the glass on inside shots; could play the 4 position; good rebounding box-outs
  11. George Robinson - Rickards - 6'2" 2009: Excellent transition player ; gets after it on offensive and defensive end; strong finisher; creates shots for others; hustler - attacks their rim with vengeance.
  12. Cameron Yarborough - Keystone Heights - 6'3" 2009: Lefty small forward with a nice offensive touch on perimeter; knows his role as a contribution; showed improvement each game.
  13. Austin Suarez - Berkley Preparatory - 6'3" 2009: Runs floor well for a big man; shot blocker; showed great defensive hustle; well rebound and handle it in middle of the floor in transition; active around the basket.
  14. Montana Brown - Bradenton Preparatory - 5'5" 2010: Outstanding ball handler; penetration with a flair to pass to open man; good shooter - hit several 3's in camp; won 3 point shooting contest; son of former globetrotter, Tommy "Cochise" Brown; ultimate gym rat!
  15. Matt Fletcher - Trinity Catholic - 5'9" 2009: Solid point guard; hits the jumper off the double; excellent court vision; improve on finishing in transition.
  16. Evan Jones - University (Orlando) - 5'11" 2009: Good penetration with a flair to pass; must improve shot selection; will hit the 3 point shot; has the quicks and excellent transition player.

Best of the Rest

  • Terrant Hamilton - Vanguard (Ocala) - 6'4" 2009: Strong-physical inside player; defensive rebounder with power; finishes inside in the point.
  • Justin Gunsby - Vanguard (Ocala) - 6'2" 2009: Good offensive skills; smooth inside game and can hit the 2 point outside jumper; active around basket; projected small forward.
  • Jack Vicks - Leesburg - 5'8" 2009: Athletic; good penetration; tough hard nose competition; nice ball handling skills; bright future.
  • Caleb Gates - Mandarin - 6' 2009: Good spot up jump shooter; penetrator; needs to improve court vision.
  • Trel Lewis - Vanguard (Ocala) - 5'10" 2009: Lefty combo guard; scores in transition; needs to improve perimeter defense.
  • Billy Donovan Jr. - St. Pat's - 5' 5" 2010: Son of U-F coach, Billy Donovan; plays hard and was one of the few campers diving on floor for loose balls; combo guard that hits the open man in both transition and half court game; very good with taking the "floating jumper" off the dribble.
  • Kevin Burnell - Land of Lakes - 6' 2009: Small forward that shows some hustle; will bang inside and rebound; son of USF assistant coach, Frank Burnell .
  • Hunter Williams - Forest - 5'5" 2009: Good ball handling point with solid court savvy for the game; knows how to read defense under pressure.
  • Darius Griffin - Lake Region - 6'3" 2009: Thin frame player; nice post moves finishes inside paint; athletic shot blocker; needs weight program and improve on rebounding; lots of potential.
  • Brandon Green - Wharton - 6'3" 2009: Another lefty forward; athleticism galore; loves to bang and rebound; loads of potential.
  • Anthony Dennis - Belleview - 6'1" 2009: Forced to play out of position at camp as his team had 2 no show post players; showed a lot of hustle but will probably be a perimeter player later.
  • Coleson Janey - Forest - 5'5" 2010: Another left handed jump shooter with good ball handling skills; team player - very unselfish; must get physically stronger but young!
  • C. J Gates - Lecanto - 6' 2009: Thin frame perimeter player; set shooter;
  • Bobby Horodyski - Buchholz - 5'10" 2009: Coach's son; very heady point guard; strong ball handler; sees the court in both full and half court, finding the open man; streaky 3 point shooter; competitor that doesn't turn it over.
  • Jake Haslem - Tampa Preparatory - 6'1" 2009: Good ball handler; plays under control; spot up shooter.
  • Frank J. Popieski - Eustis - 5'10" 2010: Good point guard skills; needs to improve perimeter defense; solid passer and ball handler.
  • Richard Murven - Bartow - 5'8" 2010: Lefty guard with good penetration skills; court decisions will improve with age; will take it to the basket.
  • Callum Townsend - Bloomingdale - 6'2" 2009: Small forward with a soft touch; spot up shooter; plays smart and sees the floor well; needs to get back on defense.
  • Mike Cardwell - Land of Lakes - 6' 2009: Lefty with potential; will thrive in the LOL offensive system.
  • Kethan Williams - Shores Christian - 6' 2009: Perimeter forward that possesses 3 point range; handles ball with both hands; hustler with guard skills.
  • Jamie Calabrese - St. Pat's - 6' 2010: "Smart" point guard skills; looks and passes ahead in transition; soft touch on jump shot; plays intense.
  • Brock May - Shores Christian - 5'8" 2009: Good pull up shooter - needs to be more aggressive; combo guard with mid-range jump shot.
  • De Angelo Boston - Rutherford - 6'5" 2009: Good post-man passer; looks inside-out for open man; nice soft touch inside the point; offense of defense at this stage.

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