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Better Basketball's Better 1 on 1 Offense   by Rick Torbett

Just when you thought it was safe to recover from all of the basketball fundamental videos, along comes Better Basketball. The Better Basketball crew has done it again. Wow, the player interviews with WNBA star Sue Bird, current NBA star Chauncey Billups, and NBA legend Rick Barry prove Better Basketball's goal of supplying the "definitive" videos on the market. You can learn so much from the interviews alone. But, there is still more. There are 8 chapters on improving your offensive game. The 3 hour and 44 minutes goes by so fast with all the information there is to gain.

It's really hard to expand on what this video offers as Better Basketball's information page,
(1 on 1 Offensive Moves), does a great job of providing an overview of each chapter. I can tell you that every chapter is worth watching. Rick Torbett consistently provides the necessary information for a player to imnprove their offensive game. The video touches on parts of the game that most videos neglect. A perfect example is the chapter on "First Step Explosion". It's a great touch when Torbett focuses on the footwork necessary to step your game.

Each chapter provides insight into the subtle parts of the game that many videos ignore. A perfect example is Chapter 3, Read and React, and learning to adjust based off of what the defense shows. Face it, there are just not many videos out there that take the time to talk about this area of the offensive game. Chauncey Billups reinforces the many techniques throughout his interview. Yeah, I have to admit that Billup's interview was a very good learning tool for me as a coach. It was my favorite part of the entire video!

If you have purchased one of Better Basketball's videos previously then you know the quality is extremely good. The script is well planned and Coach Torbett really knows what he is talking about. A worthwhile investment in a player's future.

Visit the Better Basketball website for more information or contact them by the information below.

Better Basketball
P.O. Box 420115
Atlanta, Ga. 30342
Contact by Email

Voice: 1.866.866.HOOP (1.866.866.4667)
Ordering: 1.877.SWISH.IT (1.877.794.7448)

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