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PowerBasketball, Basketball Coaching Resource Site recommends the Better Basketball DVD training series, featuring Shooting, Ball Handling, 1-on-1 Offense, 1-on-1 Defense, Passing, and Post Play. An excellent training tool for any player or coach.
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Better Basketball DVD Series
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One Television Show Basketball Improvement Program
by Randy Erickson
Director, Wear Out the Net Productions, Lakeville, MN

Coach Randy Erickson has put together a couple of great videos that are sure to catch on. Each video offers a brand of fundamental basketball that many of us "coach" types can appreciate. So, PowerBasketball will be featuring both videos in separate product reviews.

The "One Television Show Basketball Improvement Program", from Wear Out the Net Productions, is a nice change of pace as it offers a very good workout covering offensive and defensive drills for the player. The name of the program comes from the analogy of "the sacrifice of missing one television show" will improve your skills. This workout is fun and challenging, any basketball player will definitely enjoy it. This workout is designed for male and female alike as it is a basic fundamental approach to learning the game of basketball.

ADVERTISEMENT Basketball Video The Better Basketball Video Series Will Improve Your Game! A 4 tape set emphasizing 1-on-1 Defense, Ball Handling, Shooting, and Passing.

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The DVD format video is one of the better programs that we have seen in some time. This video, like many videos on the market, is not a "catch-all" definitive video. However, Coach Erickson covers some basic concepts, like defensive footwork, that many videos ignore. It does cover many of the basic fundamentals necessary to changing the level of ability for a basketball player at any age. The video is more of a demonstration of a high quality player workout. The series of drills are covered in a progressive manner that will challenge even the better player. This workout will keep the player moving and wanting to shoot some free throws to take a break. Coach Erickson very candidly reminds the viewer that the workout is not "the only" workout and that you should add any other necessary weak parts of your game to your own individual workout. This workout definitely will make a better fundamental basketball player. We would highly recommend using the workout to any athlete that is willing to work hard to improve their fundamentals.

Players should watch the video several times to understand all of the drills before just walking out and trying to "Wear Out the Net". The recommended workout offers a companion music CD for an additional $5.00 to enhance the workout. The audio CD helps to divide the workout into each separate area. It is a nice feature that offers some original music that keeps the workout upbeat. The song changing indicates that it is time to move to the next set of drills. The earlier comment about moving through the workout allows the CD to be a welcome addition to keeping the workout to a 30 minute time frame. A player, or coach, could easily turn this fun, yet challenging, workout into an hour long session.

The accompanying manual includes information on the seven chapters of the DVD on warm-up, footwork, stationary ball handling, dribbling, shooting, cool down, and recording charts. We would recommend reading the manual as well as it will give some insight and explanation to reinforce the information from the video. The text is well thought and matches the video in chronological order.

Coach Erickson has done a great job in offering the information. The workout is designed for youth players age 10 and up. Some of the foot work may challenge players younger than 10. But, you never know just what a kid is capable of until they try. The "One Television Show Basketball Improvement Program" is a minimal investment, at $29.95 (including the audio CD), to help make a more fundamentally sound basketball player.

Do yourself and your favorite basketball player a favor, get a basketball, watch the video, and start "Wearing Out the Net"!

Watch for our upcoming review on the "Coaching your Coaches: A Guide to Coaching Fundamental Basketball" video. It is an on court demonstration and outline for a team practice. Both of these videos are excellent choices to add to your library.

Wear Out The Net Productions

16943 Hopewell Court
Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: (952) 432-1NET
FAX: (952) 432-1NET

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