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PowerBasketball, Basketball Coaching Resource Site recommends the Better Basketball DVD training series, featuring Shooting, Ball Handling, 1-on-1 Offense, 1-on-1 Defense, Passing, and Post Play. An excellent training tool for any player or coach.
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Better Basketball DVD Series
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30 Finishing Moves You Can Use
by Ganon Baker
Director, Shake n' Bale Basketball Services Inc., Toll Free 1-866-626-0412

Championship Productions continues to provide outstanding DVDs to improve the individual's offensive game. They have a young man that stands out as one of the top trainers in America today, Ganon Baker. Nike Basketball features Ganon as an official Nike Skill Development Trainer. So, you know that Ganon knows how to teach the game of basketball. The list of his instructional DVDs continues to grow as he has just completed 2 more this year.

Ganon was gracious to send his 30 Finishing Moves You Can Use DVD for our review. This is an impressive video. Ganon does a great job in his on-the-court demonstrations. He uses several other athletes to help reinforce the development of each move. His main focus is detailing the trademark moves of some of the NBA's finest scorers. We're talking about Dwyane Wade, Allan Iverson, Steve Nash, Richard Hamilton, Kevin Garnett, and Amare Stoudemire. What a great way to improve your offensive game!

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Ganon gets into it right away with his Allen Iverson layup series. He walks through each move and provides step-by-step instruction in proper footwork to complete each move. Each player receives equal time for their series of moves that Ganon focuses on. Learn Dwyane Wade's jump-stop series. It sure seems to be working as the Miami Heat handed the Dallas Mavericks a Game 3 loss last night in the NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena in Miami. Wow, what a great series of moves to add to your repertoire! Add Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash's step back moves as well. An added bonus is the Detroit Piston's Richard "Rip" Hamilton's jump shot series. You'll find yourself working on these drills with ease after watching Ganon. He has taken the endless video clip watching that we all do and fine tuned each move. You can't ask for an easier method to improve your offensive game!

For all you post players, Ganon hasn't left you out. Phoenix Sun's center Amare "Stat" Stoudemire and Minnesota Timberwolves' forward Kevin Garnett have proven themselves to be some of the best scorers in the NBA. Ganon shows some of their signature moves and breaks them down for you to use in practice or on the playground.

I highly recommend this video. It is short and concise. None of that run-on gobbledy gook! The video is just straight to the task at hand, implementing yourself with an offensive arsenal. The 39 minute run time goes by rather quickly. I found myself watching the Dwyane Wade series several times. I'll implement several of his moves into the guards that I work with. All of the Finishing Moves should be considered as additions. Who wouldn't want to use an NBA player's signature move?

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