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PowerBasketball, Basketball Coaching Resource Site recommends the Better Basketball DVD training series, featuring Shooting, Ball Handling, 1-on-1 Offense, 1-on-1 Defense, Passing, and Post Play. An excellent training tool for any player or coach.
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Better Basketball DVD Series
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Become the Offensive Threat
by Randy Erickson
Director, Wear Out the Net Productions, Lakeville, MN

Coach Randy Erickson is back and you have to appreciate his enthusiasm toward the game. He has worked hard to bring a comprehensive format to help your athletes become better fundamental players. You can see Randy's love for the game as he gets "old school" in this video. A combination of black and white and color footage sets the tone for Coach Erickson's "No Frills" approach to the game. I really admire what Randy has done to bring this type of teaching back to the forefront of youth basketball.

This 53 minute video breaks down into 13 individual drill sets. Each set has its own chapter on the DVD. So, it is easy to go back and forth to make notes on each drill set and then continue through the entire video. I got excited when reading the titles of the drill sets.

ADVERTISEMENT Basketball Video The Better Basketball Video Series Will Improve Your Game! A 4 tape set emphasizing 1-on-1 Defense, Ball Handling, Shooting, and Passing.

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Drill set names like "Open 24 Hours!", "Take it to the Hole!", "Dominate the Paint!", and "I Feed You, You Feed Me" just have to get you excited about watching, learning, and applying the fundamentals of the game.

Chapter Overview of "Become the Offensive Threat"

  • Drill 1: Lace up the Sneakers! - Basic Dribbling and Ball Handling
  • Drill 2: Open 24 Hours! - The concept of using screens and getting open.
  • Drill 3: School the Defender! - Attacking the basket from the top of the key.
  • Drill 4: Take it to the Hole! - Attacking the basket from the wing.
  • Drill 5: Got Baseline? - Attacking the basket from the baseline.
  • Drill 6: Dominate the Paint! - Enough said, learn how to Drop Step!
  • Drill 7: Read the Defender! - Jab Step, Ball Fake, Attack or Shoot the Rock.
  • Drill 8: I Feed You, You Feed Me. - The Two Man Game, Feed the Post and Kick it Out.
  • Drill 9: You Can Only Hope to Contain Me!! - Move without the ball, catch, read the defense.
  • Drill 10: Run the Floor .... - Full Court Transition with Ball Handling and Finishing Moves
  • Drill 11: 35 Point Shot Game! - Remember the game "Around the World", A few tweeks to a great catch-n-shoot drill.
  • Drill 12: Penetrate and Kick Out! - Two Guard Drills
  • Drill 13: Free Throw Procedure.

I am a firm believer in not wasting someone's time reading how to perform drills. After all, that is the purpose of the DVD. The drills demonstrated work, very well. So, this is a great workout. Keep in mind that all of these drill sets can be, and most are, performed with 2 players or a player and a coach. Optimally, you will want to involve all of your players. Let's let the coaches coach! But, that's another DVD. An inexpensive $29.95 price (don't forget to add the shipping/handling fee) makes getting the DVD a worthwhile investment.

Coach Erickson puts it simply, "Sweat for the love of the game". Do yourself a favor and order this video, coach and player alike will benefit from this workout.

Wear Out The Net Productions

16943 Hopewell Court
Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: (952) 432-1NET
FAX: (952) 432-1NET

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