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Hoosier High School Basketball
by Bob Adams, published by Arcadia

Arcadia was named one of 2000's top 10 fastest-growing publishers by Publisher's Weekly. They have a new series of books entitles Images of Sports. This book series offers exactly what the series title says, IMAGES. Each book is loaded with images from the history of the programs they describe. These books are not designed as chapter to chapter. But rather a graphic history into each. So, you might consider them more than a coffee table book but less than actual text based.

Hoosier High School Basketball is no exception to the Images of Sports series. It is full of pictures of basketball past in Indiana. Images featured come from the collections of Olin Edgell and Bob Adams. Many others have contributed individual images as well.

This book starts from the very beginnings of basketball with James Naismith and documents some of who coached where, who played where, and what ever happened to those old Indiana gyms. Hoosier High School Basketball is seperated into 7 chapters entitled

  • The Pioneers
  • The Girls Played Too
  • They Coached the Game
  • Hoosier Gyms
  • Cheerleaders, Mascots, and Trophies
  • They're Gonna Put Me in the Movies
  • What Happened to the Old Schools?

    Each chapter provides page after page of images from the past. Anybody remember the Booker T. Washington School in Rushville, Milltown High School, or Hartford Township High School? How about what gyms did they actually film Hoosiers in anyway? Does Nineveh High School ring a bell? A lot of trivia is here for the Indiana hoops junkie. Check it out!

    Visit the Arcadia website for more information or contact them by the information below.

    Arcadia Publishing
    420 Wando Park Blvd.
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
    Contact by Email

    Voice: 843-853-2070
    Fax: 843-853-0044

    Ordering Information

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