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doHOOPS Basketball Stats Software
from Hoppra, LLC

How many basketball stats programs are out there? I have no idea. I think another company pops everyday thinking that they have found the ultimate in taking stats for a basketball game. How many times can it be said? Laptops, PDA's, desktop PC's, voice recognition, touch screens. The list continues to grow as companies try to find the easiest way to take stats. How many times have you watched a high school game? The assistant coaches holding a clipboard and scratching out shot charts, rebounding, turnovers, assists, steals. When does it end? How much information do you need? Season stats, game stats, player stats, shot charts, etc. are all important to analyzing what went right or wrong. Even play-by-play could help out. Who's possession is it any?

Many of these questions can be answered with a program from HOPPRA, LLC called doHOOPS. The software is flexible enough that a user can get up to speed in a minimal amount of time. You don't want to use a keyboard, then use their voice recognition. You don't like either option, how about purchasing a touch screen, another option. doHOOPS has tried to provide the user with as many options as possdible to get the game data you need.

I have found that this software offers many features that other products offer. Individual stats, game stats, team stats, season stats. Box scores, play-by-play lists, shot charts. The list goes on. I have not tried every function of the software. There are a lot! doHOOPS claims to choose from over 50 stats. Remember my comment, how many stats do you need? Well, HOPPRA, LLC has provided a bunch of them. So, if you are looking for new basketball stats software, maybe doHOOPS will work for you.

I found one downfall to the program, the price, $195.00. The software is a bit pricey. But, much has gone into the development of the software. Is it worth the money? Ask yourself the following question. How many stats do I need? You can draw your own conclusion. They offer a downloadable trial version that will work for a 45 day period. Try it out, a free download never hurt anybody. You better have a high speed connection as doHOOPS is approximately a 45 MB file. Good Luck!

Visit the doHOOPS website for more information or contact them by the information below.

P.O. Box 16353
Savannah, GA 31416
Contact by Email

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