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The Shooting Buddy
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How about another muscle memory tool to correct your jump shot? The Shooting Buddy offers a quality product. Do you experience the "flying elbow"? This a great tool to help improve your shot motion. Below are several product reviews. PowerBasketball had the opportunity to try the product and we have seen results similar to both reviews. A good product worth the $14.95 price tag.

from John Jordan, president of Jordan Sports Management

I had my 12 year old daughter and her teammate test out the product last night. It is true, it made a great impact on muscle memory in just the first 25 shots. For 12 year olds to be believers in anything is amazing but both of them went back and put it back on after shooting around for awhile without it. They both said they felt the difference and the results were immediate. I have been trying to get my daughter to keep her elbow in for the last three years. This device accomplished more in 5 minutes than I had been able to in all of that time. She is 5'11" and considered one of the best players her age in our state and is expected to play varsity next season as a 7th grader.

I am an ex pro and college coach so she has been exposed to virtually every type of camp and shooting drill there is out there. For her to buy into it told me it was a winner!. I am a believer in your product.

Now I am taking the two shooting buddys with me next week to our CBL Pre Draft Camp in North Carolina and having pro players test it out as well. I will report back the results to you on that as well. I would strongly urge any coach who teaches shooting to use this device.

from Chris Clark, the basketball editor at Bella Online.com

The Shooting Buddy is a patented basketball device created to improve a playerís shooting effectiveness. Those with little success in shooting usually donít keep their elbow in and arm straight. The Shooting Buddy gently guides the arm to perfect alignment and utilizes muscle memory in order to train the arm to shoot correctly again and again.

The Shooting Buddy has an elastic band with a clip at one end that attaches to the player's shorts and a small cuff at the other end that encircles the elbow. Velcro allows the player to adjust the cuff according to the size needed, so it can be worn comfortably. It is adjustable, and can be worn by both adults and children.

Final Analysis: Itís TERRIFIC! I used the Shooting Buddy myself over a two-day period. I took 25 foul shots in a row with The Shooting Buddy attached to my arm. I then removed the device and took another 15 shots. I could immediately feel the difference in my muscles. By the end of my two days with The Shooting Buddy, I could already see a difference in my shooting ability.

My two sons, ages 15 and 6, also tried out the Shooting Buddy. It was quick and easy to adjust the cuff size to accommodate both boys, and fits both lefties and righties. I found it to be an especially useful tool for my youngest, as he has a tendancy to let his elbow fly out when taking a shot. The tension from the elastic strap pulled his arm in, showing him the right form.

The Shooting Buddy is a wonderful tool for players of all ages to use to increase their shooting stats. I highly recommend it!

More Info on The Shooting Buddy

Order The Shooting Buddy

Visit the Shooting Buddy website for more information or contact them by the information below.
Contact by Email
Phone sales 1.610.361.1271

Ordering Information

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