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Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball

by Steve Seidler Practice Drills and 1-4 Offense

Steve Seidler has updated a system of basketball used by the late Ralph Miller. Miller was enshrined in the NCAA Hall of Fame in 1988 and only had 3 losing seasons spanning a 38 year college coaching career. Miller's System of Pressure Basketball was a concept that he started early in his career and honed his craft at the collegiate level. PowerBasketball has been lucky enough to receive the latest with a new DVD from Seidler chronicling the drills and nuances of the 1-4 offense that Miller become known for. (Click here to read Seidler's overview on Miller's Pressure Basketball.)

The DVD is broken down into 7 main sections that include an Introduction, Drills, 1-4 Offense, Zone Offense, "Ralph Millerisms", Highlights, and Credits. I mention all seven sections as Coach Miller Pressure Basketball used a seven drill rotation to build the foundation of his system.

  1. Two Line Lay Up
  2. Split the post - Jump Shot
  3. Split the Post - High Feed
  4. Three lane rush
  5. Figure Eight
  6. Three on three full court
  7. Four on four full court
Each drill uses the previous drill to learn and focus on details such as passing, pivoting, and jump stops. You will be implementing the necessary fundamental skills by the end of the drill series when you are working on the Four-on-Four drill. Remember "The ball is the most important thing on the court" so teaching your players to get back to the level of the ball first before guarding their man is one fundamental that you will need to continually stress to your players.

The 1-4 man offense section is broken down into eight (8) sections:

  • 1-4 Basics
  • First Cutter Back Door
  • Second Cutter
  • Post fronted
  • Defense Behind Low Post
  • Third Cutter
  • Dribble at Wing
  • Wing Entrance

It is refreshing to see diagrams and notes on each area before the actual video footage and narration of each drill is shown. So, the video sections are a welcome change to many of the current narrated videos out there. A picture is "worth a thouand words" is so true when a coach wants to see just how that play is supposed to work. You'll get a kick out of seeing the old video footage of Miller's system in operation as you have to remember that Miller "retired" from coaching college basketball in 1990. You just can't let the 20 year video footage get to you. This system really does work!

I really appreciate Seidler allowing me the opportunity to review the DVD. It chronicles a great coach doing great things. Listening to Miller's views on Zone Offense and video playback from the original VHS and seeing excerpts from the Pressure Basketball book are a plus to a style of basketball that is seeing a comeback. Today's offensive sets have many things in common with Miller's system. This is something that never goes away, teaching your team how to play the game at a high level.

Coaches should take note on developing a mind set like Ralph Miller. Do yourself a favor and order the DVD today. You won't be sorry! A great addition to a coach's library.

Visit Steve's website at Pressure Basketball, A System of Game Execution

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