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Air Alert II: The Complete Vertical Jump Program

PowerBasketball is currently testing the Air Alert II program. The table below indicates the improvement of the players that volunteered to evaluate the workout with the coaching staff. Both players have a high level of commitment and endurance for the improvement of their individual skills. The results shown below are not necessarily representative to the population of athletes as a whole. This test is offered as proof of what the Air Alert system could possibly do for your athletes.

  • Player One - 5'2" 11 year old
  • Week 1 - 10"
  • Week 2 - 12"
  • Week 3 - 13"
  • Week 4 - 13"
  • Week 5 - 14"
  • Week 6 - 15"
  • Week 7 - 15"
  • Week 8 - 16"
  • Week 9 - 16"
  • Week 10 - 17"
  • Week 11 - 18"
  • Week 12 - 18"
  • Current 7" increase

  • Player Two - 5'10" 15 year old
  • Week 1 - 18"
  • Week 2 - 19"
  • Week 3 - 21"
  • Week 4 - 22"
  • Week 5 - 22"
  • Week 6 - 24"
  • Week 7 - 24"
  • Week 8 - 25"
  • Week 9 - 26"
  • Week 10 - 27"
  • Week 11 - 29"
  • Week 11 - 29"
  • Current 11" increase

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    Product Review

    The Air Alert II system is one of those products that can really improve an individual's conditioning and at the same time benefit from an increase in their vertical leap. The coaching staff has put the system to the test and it passes with an A+. The conditioning technology and simplicity of the system will impress you. The program takes no more than 30 minutes a day over a 12 week period. We are not going to let the "cat out of the bag". Coach, if your player's need to improve their vertical leap. This is the program for you.

    I was impressed the day the program was delivered by the professional packaging. My 11 year old son was one of the two that had volunteered to test the system. We carefully opened the packaging and sat down to watch the video. My younger son (age 9) walked in on us and sat and watched also. Both boys were so excited after watching the video they could not wait to get started. They followed the directions from the video and program booklet and finished their workout in less than 30 minutes. I watched as they actually enjoyed working out as they were completing week five. Their motivation has slowed as they have reached a small plateau in their training during the eigth week. We got the video out again. It worked their motivation was rekindled. I reminded them there is only four weeks left. I believe in this system and would recommend it to any player that feels they lack in their vertical leap. The deal of the day is that the product has a 100% money back guarantee. How can anybody pass that up? Try it today, it will make a difference!

    Review Date: August 28, 1999
    The Air Alert Program has changed several times since this review. Please visit the Air Alert website to find out about the latest version of the program.


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