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Ball Handling "The Next Level" Video
by Dave Hannan

Drills List : Take Your Ball Handling to the Next Level

I. Beginner Drills: It's important for the beginner to develop a good foundation of ball skills using either hand. These four drills will help the beginner, or any player with a weak off hand, improve their overall or off hand ball control.

  1. perimeters (circle around 3 point line, lay-up)
  2. side to side's (over a line)
  3. over and back's (over a line)
  4. Wall Dribbles

II. Hand Quickness / Coordination: This set of drills should be practiced with a success-fail approach. Complete a particular number of repetitions at a speed which you can successfully control the ball, then go faster and faster until you lose the ball (fail). As you practice these drills, you will begin to achieve higher speeds successfully. The end result will be hands that are quicker and more coordinated.

  1. circles (head, waist, legs)
  2. Cyclones
  3. Singles
  4. Double
  5. Figure 8
  6. Figure 8 Rhythm
  7. Rhythm
  8. Double Rhythm
  9. Pretzel
  10. Lone Ranger
  11. Blur I
  12. Blur II
  13. Slams
  14. Double Slams
  15. Crevier Slams
  16. Machine Gun
  17. Rotating Gun
  18. One-arm Gun
  19. Spider
  20. Moving Spiders

III. V's The V-Dribble set of drills is as valuable as any stationary drill you can do. Each drill should be practiced dribbling at three to four different heights. Always remain in an athletic stance while you're doing a drill: feet wide, knees bent, back straight, head up. In order to equalize your weak hand with your dominant hand, practice 10 to 20 more bounces per drill with your weak hand. The V-Dribble greatly improves your ball control by training your hands to bounce the ball in a variety of ways.

  1. Side to Side
  2. Side Saddle
  3. Inside-out
  4. Crossover
  5. Inside-out Crossover
  6. Between Legs
  7. Behind Back
  8. Once and Arounds
  9. Circles
  10. Blur V's
  11. Double Taps

IV. Figure 8's: The important thing to remember in practicing the Figure 8 drill series is that each drill should be done at two height levels: low and high (no higher than just above the knees). Remember this: you will bounce the ball between 500 and 1000 times in 10 of 15 minutes of practice. You are significantly improving your touch and feel for the ball which translates into improving your shooting touch. Every drill should be done from both the front side and the backside.

  1. One and Ones
  2. Threes
  3. Tap threes
  4. Twos
  5. Tap Twos
  6. Ones High
  7. Ones Low
  8. Zero High
  9. Zero Low

V. Wrap Arounds: The concept behind this set of drills is simply to further improve total ball control and coordination by practicing one hand-one leg wraps and progressing to more difficult 2-ball drills.

  1. Front side Wraps
  2. Backside Wraps
  3. 2 Ball Front side Wraps-Alt
  4. 2 Ball Back side Wraps-Alt
  5. 2 Ball Front side Sims
  6. 2 Ball Backside Sims
  7. 2 Ball Front side + 1
  8. 2 Ball Backsides +1
  9. Moving 2 Ball Front side Alt
  10. Moving 2 Ball Backside Alt
  11. Moving 2 Ball Front sides +1
  12. Moving 2 Ball Backsides +1

VI. Moving Dribbles: These drills are designed to help you maximize your ability at making game-type dribble moves. Practice the moving dribble drills up and down the court as well as in a 1/2 court 1-on 1 situation.

  1. Between Legs: Walking, Skipping Running, Speed Skips, zigzag
  2. Behind Back: Walking Once and Arounds, Jogging Once and Arounds, Running Once and Arounds, Whips-Skips, Zigzags
  3. Spin Reverse : zigzags
  4. Inside-out: Continuous Stutter-step, running
  5. Combinations: Between Legs crossover, Between Legs-Behind Back, Inside-out crossover, Between Leg-Behind Back -Crossover, Between Legs X 2-Behind Back, Hesitation-Crossover.

Dave demonstrates all these drills in his video. The drill lists above will help guide you toward improving your ballhandling. Let Dave show you how to properly execute these drills. Remember to be Great, Be Different. Get Dedicated! Start Today!

Visit Dave Hannan's website to order this great ballhandling video. You can select this link to purchase this $20.00 video directly from his One-on-One website.

To order the video use the current mailing address:
Dave Hannan
PO Box 17553
Hattiesburg, MS, 39404

Dave is currently unable to update his website due to computer problems.

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