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MVP Basketball Edition, Most Valuable Printer

by Active Arts

Order MVP Basketball software

Active Arts has produced a software product that anyone can use. They have done their homework from installation to creating a file this is a neatly wrapped program. Everything they promise, take it literally. We were able to produce everything we wanted by following the onscreen dialogues and help menus. We put the program to the test by offering one of our players the opportunity to create some certificates. Twenty minutes later, we had our dozen certificates printed, sealed and out the door. Not bad for a trial run. Many programs handle the job of creating certificates but lack the clip art or options necessary. Active Arts has included many basketball images to choose from. The option of importing scanned or digital images helps significantly. However, the software does not stop at certificates.

The claims on the box were true. We were able to print some t-shirt iron-ons that turned pretty good for a couple of broken down computer clumsy coaches. The calendars proved to be a unique function that we had not thought of. We took advantage and printed out our entire season. Now the players don't have an excuse not knowing when something is happening. Thanks, Active Arts. The scorecards and scoresheets were a little rough, however. We were having so much fun that we forgot that this was printable software not statistical. We were then able to continue with revising the scoresheets to meet our needs.

The documentation provided us with some insight into what we could expect of the software. The documentation also included the necessary information for purchasing the correct numbered labels from Avery for our t-shirts, photo frames, and stickers. For a minimal investment, a team could literally printout everything they need from uniforms, photos, shooting shirts (warmups), stickers with team logos, the list is endless.

Congratulations, Active Arts for providing the basketball community with some useful software.

The Coaching Staff

Most Valuable Printer Basketball software
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