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The Open-Post Offense

by Lason Perkins, contributing writer for Basketball Sense magazine.

The Open-Post offense is designed to facilitate a team when you have no superior post players and take advantage of a man-to-man defense. The offense could be almost considered a guard-type offense. The design is exactly what is says, the post remains open. You have no players "in the paint". All five players are set along the perimeter. The offense is designed to played against a man-to-man defense. Also, you should keep in mind that this offense has all the elements of a motion type offense.

There are four basic rules to this offense.

  1. Fill all five spots.
  2. A player must fill the open spot that is closest to the ball.
  3. Anytime you are overplayed when trying to recieve a pass, cut to the basket.
  4. In the words of infamous coach Pete Carril, "Anytime the ball is dribbled toward you, you must cut to the basket."

The free throw line plays a key role on the Open-Post offense, it is referred to as the "Read Spot". Anytime a player makes a cut from the wing to the top of the key, the player will cut to the Read Spot and decide to pop out or cut to the basket. this essential for the offense to be run properly.

The book goes into more detail regarding the different options that can be run. The Cutting series, Screening series, and Haze series go into greater detail in breaking down the defense for scoring options. It also includes options for different sequences during a game. Excellent reading. There are no excessive pages in this book. It is short and to the point. Many books delve into much more than is necessary, Lason Perkins gets right down to it. Great reading and a definite plus for simplicity, well done!

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Ordering Info
Open-Post Offense, 32 pages
Lason Perkins, author
Price: $12.95
Basketball Sense
10 North Ridge Lane
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-1600
Website: BasketballSense.com
Email: J. Nicholas Abbott

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