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Product Review

Air Alert II: The Complete Vertical Jump Program - Revised

Purchase Air Alert II

PowerBasketball is currently testing the Air Alert II program. The table below indicates the improvement of the players that volunteered to evaluate the workout with the coaching staff. Both players have a high level of commitment and endurance for the improvement of their individual skills. The results shown below are not necessarilly representative to the population of athletes as a whole. This test is offered as proof of what the Air Alert system could possibly do for your athletes.

Player One
  • 5'2" 11 year old
  • Week 1 - 10"
  • Week 2 - 12"
  • Week 3 - 13"
  • Week 4 - 13"
  • Week 5 - 14"
  • Week 6 - 15"
  • Week 7 - 15"
  • Week 8 - 16"
  • Week 9 - 16"
  • Week 10 - 17"
  • Week 11 - 18"
  • Week 12 - 18"
  • Total 7" increase
Player Two
  • 5'10" 15 year old
  • Week 1 - 18"
  • Week 2 - 19"
  • Week 3 - 21"
  • Week 4 - 22"
  • Week 5 - 22"
  • Week 6 - 24"
  • Week 7 - 24"
  • Week 8 - 25"
  • Week 9 - 26"
  • Week 10 - 27"
  • Week 11 - 29"
  • Week 12 - 29"
  • Total 11" increase

PowerBasketball offers a limited selection per month of unpaid advertisers. If you would like to submit your product for review in exchange for 30 days of advertising please contact our webmaster.

Product Review

the Star Shooter Program

"if a 9 year old can benefit from this program just think what it could do for a high school player..."

Read the review

Software Reviews

AllStats Basketball Coach
Purchase Basketball Coach software

Basketball Coach software by All Stats is a great program. The coaching staff found the ability to create not only statistics but practices extremely convenient. The online drills will satisfy many coaches. It is just a good all around basketball software deal. The main screen allows you to select visual options rather than fumbling with pull-down menus. The pull-down menus are provided for those that feel the need to choose this method. The software offers enough control that you can be up and running in around an hour. Some information is harder to find or understand, but the online help screens seems to put your mind at ease as you navigate the product. The Draft Partner could benefit the youth coach for evaluations on skills and overall player ability. The software also offers Web links, the ability to draw play diagrams, and add your own drills. The Basketball Coach is good software, definitely worth the money.

StatTrak for Basketball
Purchase StatTrak for Basketball

This is one of the better statistical software packages on the market. The interface is easy to work and intuitive enough for the average coach to work. The main screen and submenus make navigation a breeze. The software can maintain a season, team and individual information. A bonus is the advantage of tracking more than a single team. The help screens are available when you have questions about individual commands. An added bonus is the price at $69.95. If you are looking for statistical software, we would highly recommend StatTrak for Basketball.

Book Review

A System of Game Execution
by Steve Seidler
Purchase the book

In the 1980's, Oregon State University's basketball program was one of the most dominant teams in the nation. Since that time OSU has been unable to achieve the success that Coach Miller had. The fourteen chapters of the book provide different areas of how to improve overall team play. At the heart of the book are the seven fundamentals that Coach Miller used in his practices. This is what made the team offense and defense work. Cooach Miller's use of half-court offense, constant pressure and match-up zone defense allowed his teams to become great defensively.

The book details a firm approach in the ethics and style of a great coach and his system of play. Many coaches should appreciate Seidler's effort in writing this book. Seidler's inclusion of pre-season conditioning and training helps to give another impression of what it takes to become a great basketball player. Coaches take note, this system is not implemented around the nation currently at any level, except for a single high school. The style of basketball that Coach Miller enjoyed is why the game of basketball is so enjoyable. This system of basketball applies pressure on both sides of the ball. You need a deep bench to really make this work.

Book Analysis

The content of the book is worth the price. Seidler has chronicled a system that has value. Coach Miller's coaching style is for you, if you want to teach your team to run. This is a great book on how to achieve a new level of play. Hats off to Steve Seidler in preserving a system of basketball that should not be taken lightly.

Video Reviews
Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball
Order the video

This video is a good tool for a coach striving for a winning program. A high school coach or grade school coach can benefit from Coach Miller's philosophies of basketball. The basic concepts of Coach Miller's are simple and concise. His narrative throughout the video emphasizes the need for fundamentals and the demonstration of these fundamentals. The video is broken into individual and team concepts. The individual concept focuses on the fundamentals of the jump stop, passing, and defending. The team sections deal with similar application of the aforementioned skills. Game situations from Coach Miller's Oregon State teams are shown throughout the video.

The applications of this video can benefit a program looking to run, excellent transition footage and explanation. The team concept of offense could also improve a program. Coach Miller's entire concept is not used much around the country according to the author, Steve Seidler. Upon questioning the author, he responded "No current teams use his system in its entirety except Penn-Trafford High School. They had only won 6 games in two years before they implemented Ralph's system. They only went 64-12, won three district championships in the PENN 5A, the large school division in PA."

Try to ignore the uniforms, old footage, and concentrate on the skills to be learned. This is a coaches video not a players.

We would like to thank TMT Sports, Pressure Basketball Publishing, All Pro Software and All Stats Software for providing us with courtesy copies of their products for our reviews.

Our thanks to Human Kinetics for sending us some excellent coaching books. You can't beat the discounted price, less than $20 including shipping.

Buy it, today!

Excellent video with thoughts and drills on organizing your practices. Learn from one of the greatest coaches of the game, Coach "K".
Click here to order

"My son's high school coach gave him a copy of the book and he read it in two days. Now he is leading the effort to get himself a scholarship. The book is inspiring and effective for high school athletes." a reader from New York city
Click here to order

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