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RAPIDMEDIA, from CANCoach Systems

We reviewed the CANCoach Basketball Planner last year. Mark Dawson contacted us when they had completed their initial development of the RapidMedia system. The system seemed simple enough. Put together a series of CD's that are designed for the beginning coach. Each CD would stress different areas of the game of basketball. Ball handling, offense, defense, and post play are the areas the CD's cover. Each CD is loaded with information for the beginning coach.

I have sat around and viewed the CD's that CANCoach Systems sent us back in November several times over the past months. Each time I view the CD's I am reminded how important fundamentals are to the game of basketball. These CD's are not "totally" comprehensive, but they explain fudnamentals important to the game. For a minor investment, $19.95 per CD plus shipping, you can get a wealth of coaching information about the different areas of the game.

If you are looking for an easy installation and quick up and running coaching material, this is it. Other than checking for Indeo 5.0 Video Codec viewer and/or Adobe's Acrobat Reader, installation is complete. Everything is run off of the CD, no need to make installation to your computer for additional storage on the computer. You won't be able to run this CD if you have an older computer or CD-ROM drive. The minimum requirements of an IBM PC compatible with Pentium® processor, Windows® 95 or 98, a minimum 32 MB System RAM, 2 MB Video RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16 bit capable sound card 16 bit color graphics card, and speakers are standard by today's machines. Our test machine had a 24X CD-ROM and 8 MB graphics card to speed the operation up a bit. I tried installing on an older machine with the requirements listed and the machine "choked" a bit. The Indeo codec viewer is very demanding, make sure your system exceeds the minimum requirements for optimum viewing, you won't be disappointed.

PowerBasketball received two of the four CDs, Ball Handling and Defense. The most enjoyable part of each CD are the "Skill Cards". The Skill Cards load Adobe Acrobat Reader and offer special points and graphics that are printable. Use them for your next practice. I am impressed with the amount of information that each of the CDs offers. Each CD is broken down into sections that offer specific video and teaching skills to improve your players game. The five areas covered on the Defensive CD are using your hands and arms, communication and position, defending cutters, defenfending ball screens, and defending off ball screens. While the ball handling breaks down into three areas including dribbling, passing and catching, and holding the ball.

PowerBasketball appreciates being involved with the latest "technology" offered by CANcoach. Their products are well priced, a pleasure to view, and easily used. The best part is that everyone gains when using this coaching and "teaching" tool. Well done.

CANCoach Systems Inc.
Suite 100 - 740 Nicola Street
Vancouver BC, Canada V6G 2C1
T. 604-736-9068 TF. 1-877-316-7276

Our thanks to Human Kinetics for sending us some excellent coaching books. You can't beat the discounted price, less than $20 including shipping.

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Excellent video with thoughts and drills on organizing your practices. Learn from one of the greatest coaches of the game, Coach "K".
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"My son's high school coach gave him a copy of the book and he read it in two days. Now he is leading the effort to get himself a scholarship. The book is inspiring and effective for high school athletes."
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