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Coaching Staff

Mike Saylor's Basketball Workout

featuring NBA player Brian Evans

December 26, 2009

It has been brought ot our attention that the Mike Saylor CD's are not being delivered. It is our recommmendation to return to the main page of PowerBasketball and look into the DVD's that are being offered by Coach Kevin Sutton through Championship Productions. They are high quality workouts that will benefit a player or coach looking to develop individual skills.

A lot of people are putting together workout videos today. PowerBasketball has reviewed a few of them. As the founder and a coach, I continue to gather and learn more from every video I watch. Some videos cover basic fundamentals, others try to stick to a certain area. This video does a combination of both. The use of narratives by the coach, Mike Saylor, and demonstrations by the NBA's own Brian Evans provides a well balanced program. They don't seem to dwell on any one area too long. Although, much of the workout is based on shooting, which is what the game is all about, many different fundamentals are necessary to achieve the demonstration that Coach Saylor and player Evans offers.

The video workout is a wonderful demonstration of shooting, cutting, moving, and dribbling. The basic fundamentals. Coach Saylor runs through the workout rather quickly with Brian Evans, an NBA player, demonstrating the proper techniques. However, the coach does not take anything for granted and explains the skills necessary to complete each drill. The video quality is not the greatest but everything is clear and the soundtrack is good. This is definitely a great workout for a player, everyone could use it. The video reminded me of basics I had forgotten about some areas, remember we can't remember everything all the time. The soundtrack does help to control the flow of the workout and offers some good tracks to keep it interesting.

Ball slaps,rim flips,layup drill,free throws,Mikan drill,crossing jump shots,free throws,bank shots,free throws,shooting drills. A short excerpt of the workout. I won't spoil it for you, I did the workout and I enjoyed it. You get the idea yet. This type of workout keeps you moving. There is no time like the present to learn proper technique. The video teaches and demonstrates. The best part is yet to come.

Coach Saylor also offers companion CD's to help the player with his/her workout. there are two choices, a 60 min. basic CD and a 74 min. advanced video. The CD is basically the video only with no graphics or narrative. An excellent way to keep a workout from becoming boring. Each soundtrack has a drill attached to a specific length of time. The idea is to keep the player moving, the CD workouts do just that. An approximate 5-10 second pause between drills that last from 20 secs. to 90 secs. The CD does take for granted you have watched the video to know the drills the coach instructs you to perform. This idea is great. Others take note, a companion CD of this type is necessary or your workouts will get boring. Every player should own a copy of Coach Saylor's video/CD set. The coach also indicates on his website that he will produce a soundtrack based off of your choice of music, "sounds" good to me.

Guy Power

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Mike Saylor's Workout Video
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