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The Basketball StatScreen
by Score Technologies

October, 2002.

It has been brought to our attention that Score Technologies has closed up and is no longer manufacturing the StatScreen, too bad. It was a great product. However, the original software developers have a new product that features voice recognition for ease of input. CHECK IT OUT, TODAY!

The original intentions of PowerBasketball were to search the Internet far and wide for the best basketball products available. I have been checking every crack and crevice for those basketball products that possibly not many coaches have heard about. When I stumbled onto this website by some company called Score Technologies, Inc. They had this "awesome" machine called "The Basketball StatScreen". I made an inquiry to the company. My message was simple, PowerBasketball wanted to test out the "StatScreen". Doug Descalzi, the president/ceo of Score Technologies, Inc., responded very quickly wih a contact name, Shelley Jump. I telephoned her and had a very pleasant conversation. The deal was done and the StatScreen was on its way. The delivery was quick.

StatScreen comes in a very nice soft nylon case for storage. The manual and additional software for the PC are included also. Everything can be stored right in the case. The additional power cord, download cable, and six AA batteries are also included and stored in the case. This sounds like a lot of stuff and you would assume the case and unit would be rather large. However, the reverse is true. The case is no bigger than a letter-size 1-1/2" binder. Easy to carry and doesn't take up much space.

Several months have passed and here I am writing this review. How many adjectives can I use to describe this statistician's dream ? Wow, Incredible, Easy, Quick, and awesome to start with. I have reviewed several statistical basketball software packages over the past several years. (Check our review page for our list.) But, I can tell you that StatScreen gets my vote hands down. The few quirks I found were quickly removed when I read the mailing regarding the October release of StatScreen Version 2. The company was kind enough to include PowerBasketball in their mailing. Thanks.

Now, all the good news. How long does it take to setup a team and get started? I read the directions while watching a WNBA playoff game. The time it took to enter the rosters and enter the game information, ESPN went to their normal 10:00 minute left in the first half commercial break. I was able to catch up with the score during the commercials and was ready to start the game. Turnover, missed shot, offensive rebound, two points. No problem, StatScreen had all the functions. Right on the Unit!! Incredible, statistics the way they should be. I only kept extensive statistics on one of the teams. This is one of the two modes that you can select. The Player/Team Stats mode allows extensive stats for the home players and overall visiting team stats. I was really enjoying keeping stats. Something I really don't normally like doing, but an important part of analyzing a basketball program.

All the buttons are where they need to be. The only problem I had was getting used to the location of the made and missed field goals. I would have found it easier to have the made field goal on the left side. The rest of the buttons are right on. The cursor is used to navigate to a player's number and then select the correct button. The StatScreen is a well thought out single use unit. If you want to keep track of stats, this might be the answer to your prayers. The main menu navigation is simple and concise. This machine is easy to use. The only feature that is missing is the actual placement of the field goals. However, similar statistical programs with field goal location usually require a second person describing the play-by-play for you. StatScreen does not.

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Contact Information:

Call Score Technologies at (888) 355-2992
Score Technologies
3615 Mayland Court
Richmond, VA 23233
(804) 934-9701
(804) 934-9702 - Fax

Email contact at info@StatScreen.com

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