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to quote from Michael Jordan, "I ask questions, I listen, I read". Be smart and invest in your coaching future.

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The Science of Jumping

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PowerBasketball continues to locate excellent products that will help your athletes and the Science of Jumping is a great example. Others make claims about your increasing your vertical leap to bounds unknown. However, the STS program guarantees only one thing, success. The approach is based off of scientific research, not just an opinion. The program does what it says it will do, increase your vertical leap. No jokes.

The approach is based on research in training that has been coming out of Russia for decades, plyometrics. The difference in this program, from others, is that the developer, Tom Butler, explains anything that might go wrong. Don't shy away from the program because of his honesty, the facts show the reality. Plyometrics should not be taken lightly. The exercises are powerful and will yield positive results. PowerBasketball will be posting the improvements of one of our athletes over the next several weeks and months.

Increasing your vertical takes time, don't be fooled by some of the other programs that guarantee 12" in 4 weeks, if your leap improves that drastically within that short a period of time then you have not been working out. Many of the other programs will give you quick results, but this program will keep you in the condition you want your athletes to have. Keep in mind that doing calf raises and jumping rope is very effective, don't give these exercises up. The difference between the Science of Jumping and other programs is "authentic" plyometric exercises. The Science of Jumping program teaches on the principles of the entire jumping process not just attacking the calf muscles and quadriceps like many other programs.

The founder of Strength through Science, Tom Butler, shows his dedication to improving an athlete's conditioning. The 60 minute video demonstrates the correct methods and exercises through plyometrics to gain the edge you or your athletes have been looking for. His no-nonsense approach to the exercises demonstrate the research of the system. The documentation that accompanies the video reinforces the benefits of the program. The workout itself is provided in the documentation which can be purchased seperately for $18.95. The Science of Jumping video is a reinforcement and demonstration of proper techniques and tips for effective gains. Each will help and benefits the other. The jumping program video and book are definitely worth the $39.95 plus shipping.

The staff at PowerBasketball will continue to research as many "jump" programs as possible. This program is not a definitive answer to all your jumping problems. However, it is a great step forward in selecting a jump program that will improve your vertical leap. Give it a try. It's guaranteed.

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