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Video Review

S W I S H   A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting

by Tom Nordland

Tom Nordland - Shooting Coach

Tom Nordland is a professional shooting coach and president of Breakthrough Sports. Tom has coached NBA players, Adam Keefe and Dale Davis, to improve their shooting. Also, he is considered one of Minnesota's All-Time great high school shooters. A visit to his website lists an impressive endorsement from legendary coach, Pete Newell.

Tom Nordland should be complimented on this video. Concise and to the point. I have watched a lot of videos and this one stands above the rest. Tom Nordland's Swish Method works. There is no doubt about it. His description of UpForce® is the key. Don't be fooled by other claims. It is definitely the key to increasing your shooting accuracy.

SWISH - A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting

The video length, approximately 50 minutes, discusses the proper form and technique of shooting. True shooting form at its finest. This video has previously been reviewed by the Basketball Highway and Coach Michael Wells, just to name a few. Their reviews are right on. An excellent video. The accompanying workbook provides detailed written assistance on grip, stance, vision, set position, release and follow through. The length of the video is not too long and moves at a nice pace. The section on free throws is worth the price of the video.

The only additions that I can possibly offer. This is a must have video. Whether you have young athletes or high schoolers in need of proper instruction. This is it. One of my test athletes improved his free throw shooting percentage from 68% to 92% in under two weeks. This type of improvement from a ten year old! Wow.

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Our thanks to Human Kinetics for sending us some excellent coaching books. You can't beat the discounted price, less than $20 including shipping.

Buy it, today!

Excellent video with thoughts and drills on organizing your practices. Learn from one of the greatest coaches of the game, Coach "K".
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"My son's high school coach gave him a copy of the book and he read it in two days. Now he is leading the effort to get himself a scholarship. The book is inspiring and effective for high school athletes."
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