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to quote from Michael Jordan, "I ask questions, I listen, I read". Be smart and invest in your coaching future.

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Team Organization Software

by Youth Sports Software, LLC

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Software comes and goes like the day turns into night. Everyday some new company comes along bragging about how they have revolutionized the market and nobody will ever get along without their software. PowerBasketball has, and continues, to locate products sold via the Internet that is impressive. Other companies, like Youth Sports Software, continually improve upon their quality products.

Teamanizer screen shot #2 Teamanizer is a good acronym for this organizational software. It acts as a rolodex, organizer, and scheduler. The basic necessities in running your team. Keep track of your schedule whether practicing, preparing for a game, or for contact information. Most coaches might wonder why you need this software. You might ask yourself some questions then. When is the next game and where? How long before the next tournament? Where was that tournament anyway? Do I have my practices planned for the week? Who was supposed to take of the travel arrangements for that tournament you keep forgetting about? that parent that offered to help, you know "Johnny's father", what's his name again?

Teamanizer screen shot #4

Okay, now lets get serious for a minute. The software does not read minds and you can't just do a "Vulcan mind meld". Remember how easy it was for Spock. Just place your hands on the computer and its done right. Well, not quite. However, it is not quite a daunting task either. The "explorer-type" browser makes navigating the software easy. The screen menus are quite simple to follow and there are no surprises. Input is quick and painless. If you haven't used this type of tool before don't be afraid it won't bite you. It really is easy. The test is are you ready to get organized. Remember those questions. Do you need this software? Maybe. Are you trying to organize your team? I hope so. Why keep everything written down in some notebook with no way to reproduce that roster you need for every tournament? Get yourself organized first. That is what Teamanizer does. Make your coaching life easier so you can concentrate on the next game, not "What was that kid's dads name?. It is probably something you have been meaning to do anyway, isn't it?

On a closing note, did you forget about keeping a scorebook? Teamanizer provides printouts for playbooks and stat sheets. Don't confuse this software with other statistical software. But, think about how you might want to keep track of shots? Wouldn't it be nice to have a sheet that you can customize to suit your needs? Teamanizer can handle it. Change the original layout provided and print it out. Now you're ready for a game.

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