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Wei-Wu-Wei System Series - Product Review

from TMT sports, the producers of the Air Alert II Vertical Jump Program

TMT Sports has done it again. They have now come out with a new way to improve your overall game. It's nothing new, actually (pardon the pun) it's an ancient Chinese secret (okay, Taoist), called Wei-Wu-Wei. The translation of Wei-Wu-Wei is "action not action" but don't let this confuse you. If you need more information check out the following links for this Taoist way

The Review

The package comes delivered to your doorstep in a flat box. You need to inflate the regulation-size composite leather basketball. The ball has an excellent feel, better than most of those $40 composite basketballs from the local sports store. I decided to let the real test begin. I handed the ball over to my club team players. My players liked the feel so much they wanted to take it with us as we travel throughout the state of Florida. I reminded them that this was no ordinary basketball. If they were going to shoot with the ball then the next step was to read the book.

Now don't get alarmed, this is not a novel. The booklet is more like a short story. The eleven (11) page booklet explains the Wei-Wu-Wei system simplistically. I would assume to get to the importance of the Taoist system. The explanations are short and sweet. I read the booklet several times and understand the Wei-Wu-wei system a little better. I really enjoy reading so I thought the booklet could have been longer. The players appreciated the quick approach.

I am always looking for more as a youth basketball coach. Everyone should always be trying to improve their coaching abilities, player's skills, and overall basketball mentality. I believe that the psychological part of the game is of equal importance to that of good fundamentals. Everyone should strive to improve the mental part of their game. Believe it or not this is where the basketball comes in to play. TMT Sports has added their own special touch to the basketball by adding several impressions to the basketball. TMT Sports would like to remind you that it is from AirAlert.com that you purchased the basketball. So, that means an AirAlert.com impression has been added. However, an additional impression has been added. It is etched in a silver background reminding you of Wei-Wu-Wei and to "just play". An easy motto "just play". Makes sense to me. As you shoot around and you feel your game isn't going just right, glance at the basketball, (spin it in your fingers) and be reminded of the Wei-Wu-Wei system that Timur Tukel and TMT Sports has provided for you.

My advice. You can't beat the price ($24.95 plus $6.00 S/H), just to get a great basketball. But, you are receiving much more. You are being introduced to the real part of the game, "the mental game". Spend the money, it's worth it.

Coach Power

Non-related information to the Air Alert Wei-Wu-Wei system.

I found this bit of information interesting. It has nothing to do with the Air Alert Wei-Wu-Wei system. But, I thought it was worth mentioning if you wanted to know a little more about the subject of "Wei-Wu-Wei".

I had decided to do some Internet research on the subject of Wei-Wu-Wei to get a better understanding of this concept of "action not action". Many of the websites I visited gave their opinions of what Wei-Wu-Wei really means. Most offered a bit of interesting knowledge. However, I found that not only was this a Taoist phrase but also a real-life philosopher. Wei-Wu-Wei was actually a man, Terence Gray. His writings included 8 books written between 1958 and 1974. He had some very profound insights into the Taoist ways. If you would like to read more please check the Wei-Wu-Wei archives or www.thespiritworks.com. As you read on, or research Wei-Wu-Wei, you will find that he studied in some depth both Eastern and Western philosophy and metaphysics, as well as the more esoteric teachings of all the great religions. (The Wei-wu-Wei archives, Introduction)

Order information:

AirAlert.com website
Wei-Weu-Wei System Series training basketball:
Includes the AirAlert.com Wei-Wu-Wei System Series regulation sized training basketball and the Wei-Wu-Wei System Series pamphlet.
$24.95 + $6.00 s&h fees. NC residents pay 6.5% NC/Charlotte sales tax. Foreign orders must add $15.00 S&H fees. US funds only.

Contact information:

1206 Mendenhall Court
Charlotte, NC 28211 24 Hour Info Line: 1-704-364-8212
Fax Number: 1-704-364-8212
Toll Free credit card orders: 1- 877-623-HOPS (1-877-623-4677)
Canadian and foreign credit card orders: 1-704-563-9752

Our thanks to Human Kinetics for sending us some excellent coaching books. You can't beat the discounted price, less than $20 including shipping.

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Excellent video with thoughts and drills on organizing your practices. Learn from one of the greatest coaches of the game, Coach "K".
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